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Our mission is to identify market needs and achieve customer satisfaction through continual innovative use of technology and excellent service.

Plug 'n' Play


Hardware is what physically makes up the computer; in other words, the keyboard, monitor, the central processing unit (CPU), disk drives, etc. There are some people who believe that hardware is everything and in particular the CPU. Like most things in life it is not an individual item but rather the correct combination of items that achieve the desired result.


Unfortunately IT is made up of a lot of standards that don't always fit together. But there is potential for even more confusion when several technical standards have the same description like "wireless". Unless you have a clear understanding of the intended use of an IT component then you may not get what you need.


The simple truth of the matter is "you get what you pay for". At the heart of the PC is the motherboard and it is the chipset on the motherboard that determines what CPU and memory can be used. If a low specification CPU is used or memory shared with graphics then this will lower both the price and the performance of the system. But lower performance does not mean that it will not meet your requirements. Regrettably it has been our experience that most "cheap systems" fall short of the customer's expectations.


As your IT Hardware provider we will help you sort out the best technical fit for current and future needs. Whatever your needs we are more than willing to assist you in any way possible.

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