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When Worlds Collide


The days of the stand alone PC have long gone. With broadband and internet sharing the opportunity to exchange data has never been greater. What used to be a very expensive exercise is now affordable for the home user.


With Windows® 10, home networking has never been easier. You can use the Network Setup Wizard to quickly set up your own network. If your home or small business contains two or more computers, connecting them on a network greatly expands their capacity and may even save you money. When you set up a network, you can share printers, files and folders. You can also play multi-player computer games on your network.


Even if you are new to networking, you have probably heard of routers. Broadband Internet connections, such as those utilising a cable modem or a DSL modem, almost always require a router. A router's job isn't to provide Internet connectivity though. A router's job is to move packets of data from one network to another. There are actually many different types of routers ranging from simple, inexpensive routers used for home Internet connectivity to the insanely expensive routers used by giant corporations. Regardless of a router’s cost or complexity, routers all work on the same basic principles.


A wireless router makes it possible for you to share high-speed Internet access and connect all the computers in your home. A wireless router is the invisible, powerful centrepiece and foundation for your digital home network.

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