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Any Port in a Datastorm


Security is the most misunderstood part of IT. In simple terms security is about nothing more than managing risks.


Internet security is the digital equivalent to your existing work or home security - ie; it's a concept, not a product. Your internet security will be a mixture of preventative and reporting measures to protect your e-premises.


The problem with most internet security solutions is that they are built on the assumption that your PC has an internet address. Most broadband hardware provided by the ISP today includes some security functionality within the units. These measures alone are more than sufficient to stop the unsolicited intrusion but by default they usually permit all outgoing traffic. Although most can be configured it is more usual to install an AntiVirus product with these outgoing monitoring capabilities.


Whilst there are dangers out there they can often be prevented if you adopt some simple internet security measures. Above everthing else use common sense as it is your behaviours that put you most at risk. We would be suspicious of accepting gifts from strangers in the street so why behave so differently on the internet?

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