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Last Updated: Monday, 13 February 2012


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85% Utilisation


Many companies make the mistake of customising software to their own processes rather than changing the process to align with the software. Even individuals are reluctant to change their ways or thinking. Wrap this up with the politics of any organisation and you will get a very disappointing result.


But even with or without modifications individuals have complained about their software. They tend to blame their software for shortcomings in how the business operates, dislike the software and consider it a barrier to performing their work. They develop work-arounds or transfer important data to areas that aren’t visible to the organisation.


There are instances where the software is completely unsuited or too complicated for the task at hand. You wouldn't use a table spoon to dig a hole in the ground so why is it often thought that inappropriate software can do the job? Notwithstanding these issues a large portion of software problems aren’t actually due to the software, but to the inability to use it.


If you are not using software to at least 85% of its capacity then you are not getting a good return from your investment. Always ensure that all modules purchased are installed and that you have the most recent, fully enhanced version of the software.

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